Meet the Board – Dr. Gregory Kauffman, MD, FACC

Dr. Gregory Kauffman, MD, FACC

Dr. Gregory J. Kauffman is Chief, Department of Medicine, at Mary Washington Hospital here in Fredericksburg and a Cardiologist with Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg. He was inspired by Gwyneth’s story and Joel & Jennifer’s drive to prevent other parents from having to face a child’s death from a potentially¬† preventable cardiac condition. Dr. Kaufman believes it is vital to give back so that it can be passed forward to others.¬†

A recent healthy obsession of Dr. Kauffman’s is road cycling, throughout all seasons, with the amazing Fredericksburg Cycling community. It helped him get through the demanding pandemic time. In his free time, Dr. Kauffman enjoys picking weeds and gardening around the house, as well as going on dates with his wife Gayle, now that we are empty nesters at home!

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