Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation Scholarship Award

Each year, Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation awards graduating high school seniors with a scholarship to those who best exemplify the virtues that most represent Gwyneth Griffin – compassion, service, leadership, determination, and acceptance.

About the Scholarship

The Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation Scholarship was formed in the loving memory and honor of Gwyneth Griffin. She is a testament to all of us on how to live freely with undeniable optimism and compassion toward others. 


We accept applicants who meet the following criteria:

Scholarship Recipients

Apply for a Scholarship!

Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation is currently seeking applicants for its scholarship program from qualified Stafford County High School seniors for the 2021-2022 school year. Application forms can be found below. Following submission, all applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee. All recipients and their guidance counselor will be notified of the committee’s decision(s). 

How to Apply

Fill out an Application and Recommendation form from the links above. When filling out the forms, type or print clearly. Only fully completed scholarship packets will be considered. Incomplete packets will not be advanced to the Scholarship Committee and the applicant will not be considered for a scholarship. The two required recommendation forms should be submitted directly to Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation. It is the applicant’s responsibility is to ensure their recommendation forms are submitted by the due date. 

Questions? Contact the Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation at 540-316-0356.

Due Date: Monday, March 7, 2022

The following information must be submitted in its entirety to be considered for a

  1. Describe a friendship you have with someone from a different race, religion or culture. How has this friendship changed you? What has it taught you?
  2. Describe an obstacle or challenge you have overcome in your academic or personal life. What lesson did you learn from the experience? How do you apply that lesson in your life today?
  3. Which of these characteristics – compassion, service, leadership, determination, acceptance – best describes you and why?


Once completed, submit your signed application packet to:

Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation
Scholarship Program
2217 Princess Anne Street, Suite 101
Fredericksburg, VA 22401